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"Cheap Shoes Hurt My Feet"
Signature Pedicure
Includes callus care treatment to maintain and control the toughened skin that tends to build up with the wear and tear on our feet. Warm paraffin is added to soften the skin, increase circulation, and
relax the body and mind.

"Pass Me My Shoes"
Gel Pedicure
additional to any pedicure you receive
This pedicure allows you to put your shoes back on without any drying time, guaranteed to last for 2+ weeks

"I Don't Think You're Ready for This Jelly"
Jelly Pedicure
Jelly-Pedi turns water into a luxurious encasing comfort, providing the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles, warm water that becomes a translucent and fluffy; which will retain its heat for up to 4 times longer than regular water. 

"I'm Secure in My Manhood"
Men Pedicure
$5 additional for Buff & Shine
Feel the tension slip away while you enjoy complete nail care, foot soak, exfoliation paraffin treatment and
a deep tissue foot massage.
In order to ensure a relaxing experience for all our clients, please be mindful of your tone while using your cell phone device in the pedicure area. Please make calls brief to avoid discomfort to other clients.


First-time customers will receive $5 off of their first visit. 

$5 Off Coupon

Phone: 901 761 5999

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