Services include square shaping.
All other nail shapes are $10 extra.
Gel/Shellac Polish is $20 additional added to any enhancement service.

"I'm a Polish Girl"
Signature Manicure
Nails are shaped and cuticles softened and removed (if any); an exfoliating hand scrub, hydrating lotion, and massage.

"I'm SO Not Gelly"
Gel/Shellac Manicure
Gel removal included.
Polish lasts up to 2 weeks with no chipping, no dry time leaving a high gloss finish.

"Girly Girl"
Nails shaped, exfoliating hand scrub and hydrating lotion, plus 2 glitter nails.

"Nails for Males"
$5 additional for Buff & Shine
Expert grooming of nails and cuticles followed by an exfoliating sugar scrub, relaxing massage, and nail buffing to a clean finish.

"Just Polish Me Pretty Please"
Polish Change
includes exfoliating hand scrub

Services include square shaping. All other nail shapes are $10 extra.
Gel/Shellac Polish is $20 additional added to any enhancement service.

"Overlay Me Please"
Acrylic Overlay

"Put Some Tips On These Nubs"
Full Set

“Dip Baby Dip  
Dip enhancement 

"Do You Do Ombre?"
Pink & White Acrylic 

"WOW! Do I Need a Fill or What?"

"A Broke Nail Is NOT Cute"
Nail Repair 
$3 per nail

"I'm American, But I Love French"
French Manicure
$12 additional

"I'm a Nail Artist So I'm Sensitive About My..."
Free-hand Art 
$3 per nail

"Shine Bright Like a Diamond" 
$7 per nail

Enhancements soak off
With new set $10


First-time customers will receive $5 off of their first visit. 

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